Edit Your Videos

Edit Your Videos

We take your video tape or file and edit it the way you want.  Blu-ray or DVD.

Do the Drop!

Drop off your project with detailed instructions and our media professionals will edit, encode, and author your DVD just the way you like it. No need to wait, just drop it off and we’ll call you when it’s ready for pickup!

Looking for more Control?

For the more hands on and creavitve individual, personal editing sessions are available. We’ll sit down with you and edit your video, side by side.

We’ve got Flexibility.

Rush service, after hours, or weekends are available. Call for our hourly rates and to schedule an appointment.

We capture video tape, film reels, slides, photos, or digital media into a PC.  Even the new GoPro video.  We edit, correct and enhance color and audio, do voice over if needed, add music, transitions, titles, include photos, & more.  We author and burn your Master DVD.  Using one of your photographs or your company’s graphic designed logo, we design a label to complete your media production.

  • We will Lighten/Darken Video Clips.
  • You have the option to add transitions, music, titles, and menus.
  • Audio enhance to increase volume on low volume clips.
  • Filter out irritating noises or hums.
  • Edit out unwanted Video Clips.
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations to movies on DVD or CD.
  • Add narration or voice over to any movie or training DVD.
  • Convert avi, mp4, Flash, MPEG and other movies to DVD, CD, or for a Website.
  • Create software demos for business card size CDs or for the web.
  • Print individual pictures (frames) from a video tape or DVD movie.
  • Authoring and duplication for DVD/CD/Blu-ray.
  • Moving graphics creations.