Archive Slides & Photos

Here at Star Tec Productions we use a sophisticated type of scanner to process your slides. Using the technology Digital ICE, our machine filters through any lint or dust that has gathered throughout the years. This method is used on each slide as it is processed to yield the finest resolution picture possible. Dust is removed and color quality is restored to your slides. Your slides never leave our location and are scanned at 4000 dpi versus only 600 dpi (on your shipped off slides) offered by most other companies. Slides are archived and preserved using cutting edge technology to produce the highest quality images. Preserve your special memories today on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or hard drive.

A high quality image (4000 dpi) is a must if you plan to archive your slides, make prints of your slides, or create slideshows of high definition quality or Blu-ray.

Slides are numbered and saved as jpg.

We offer excellent quality at an affordable price:

$0.90 per slide for a non-edited image

$1.50 per slide for an edited image
(includes correcting orientation and additional color correction)

$50 minimum charge applies.