Slide Shows to Music

Our philosophy:

Our photo slide shows are individually created incorporating creativity and artistic design. Most companies rely heavily on “canned” routines to move from one photo to the next, resulting in a stilted video exhibiting disconnected movement.  When you see people’s heads cropped off you know that no care was taken to create an artistic production. At Star Tec Productions we treat each photo individually.  With our thoughtful attention to detail, we design a DVD that reflects the mood of your pictures, music, and titles, thus creating the perfect DVD for graduation / wedding / anniversary / retirement / end-of-season team celebrations or funeral / memorial tributes.

What we do:

  • Clean, and scan your photos or slides into the computer.
  • Tastefully crop pictures.
  • Remove facial blemishes. Red-eye removal is extra. Please ask for price.
  • Enhance color or contrast and make ready for television’s broadcast color schemes.
  • Import scanned and corrected pictures onto the storyboard.
  • Incorporate titles, music, movement, and transitions between pictures.
  • Encode the production, author, and burn to DVD-R.
  • Using your scanned photographs, create a label and case cover to complete your customized DVD.
  • Photo Restoration is extra. Please ask for prices.

To Get Started:

  • Compile all digital and loose pictures that you want to include (photographs of any size up to 8″ x 10″; newspaper clippings; event programs; certificates; diplomas; etc.).  Portraits larger than 8″ x 10″ can be shot with a digital camera for an extra charge.  Arrange photos in order according to the story you want to present.
  • Number your pictures (writing lightly in number order “1,2,3,…”, use photo-safe pen or small round stickers (no Post-It-Notes) on the back of the pictures; do not use crayon or a pen that would smudge or stain your photos as they are stacked together).  Cover-up any stickiness from tape, Post-It-Notes, or glue on the back of your pictures.  Do not use letters like a, b, c, etc. Use numbers only 1-200, 300, etc.  Our software auto numbers the pictures, so it treats your number 122a as 123 thus throwing off your carefully selected picture group for the music chosen.
  • Video clips can also be incorporated into your photo montage.
  • Decide on number, content, and placement of titles.  Email your titles to with instructions on placement to insure accuracy.
  • Compile your music.  Supply us your songs on original CD or email the mp3 file of that song.
  • Email your titles and song list to be used for the back of the DVD cover (optional).


  • Photos are $1.35 each.  Requires two weeks, although will most likely be done within one week.  Less than 2 weeks price is $1.85 each. Slides are $1 extra.  24 hour turn-around available (rush fee applies).
  • Each photo receives special care to give you the best picture possible.  This treatment is included and consists of custom cropping, color-enhancing, and removal of minor facial blemishes, if any, on your pictures.  We do perform red-eye removal on most photos. ( The higher the resolution the better it works)
  • Picture restoration (in addition to the special treatment listed above) is available.  The pricing is determined by the amount of restoration required.
  • Titles are $7 each.
  • Songs are $7 each.  You supply them on CD or email.  Grouping a number of pictures to the song length is an extra $5 each.
  • Video Clips are $20 each for a 2 minute clip.  Add $2 per extra minute for that clip.
  • The DVD Master is customized with one of your pictures as cover art for DVD label. A one time design charge of $15 for small square poly case. Copies are priced according to quantities ordered.
  • Minimum project charge is $195